PulseX Reflections

$PLSX Distributing, Fee-Burning, Liquidity Generating Token on PulseChain

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Booster Features

$PLSX Rewards 🤑

A 2% tax is taken from every Buy/Sell transaction and is distributed to all Booster holder's wallets in the form of $PLSX. The more Booster tokens you hold in your wallet, the greater share of the reflections you will receive. BTR/WPLS liquidity providers (PulseX V2) also receive rewards.

Fee-Burn & Liquidity Boost 🔥

0.5% Booster ($BTR) burn. 1% BTR/ WPLS liquidity boost + burn. 0.5% BTR/PRS liquidity boost + burn. 1% PRS/WPLS liquidity boost + burn.

Burned Liquidity 🔥

The liquidity pool tokens are burned forever.

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Why Booster?

The Booster token ($BTR) is an innovative addition to the PulseReflections ecosystem, designed to synergize with and enhance the value of PulseReflections ($PRS). This token operates on a multifaceted tax system, with each transaction contributing to different strategic objectives such as: Liquidity Boost & Burn for $BTR and $PRS, Cross-Pair Support, Supply Deflation for $BTR, and $PLSX rewards for $BTR holders. 

The Booster token’s structure offers several potential benefits, including creating arbitrage opportunities within different liquidity pairings. By facilitating liquidity and value transfer between $PRS, $BTR, and $WPLS, this system not only enhances the stability and growth prospects of the $PRS token but also presents opportunities for gains through arbitrage. This integrated approach aims to boost the overall health and attractiveness of both the $PRS and $BTR tokens within the PulseChain ecosystem.



There is a 5% tax on every Buy/Sell.

2% PLSX Rewards
0.5% BTR Supply Burn
1% BTR/WPLS LP + Burn
1% PRS/WPLS LP + Burn
0.5% BTR/PLSX LP + Burn


Total Supply: 1,555,369,000,000

With the Burn feature, the circulating supply is intended to decrease over time.


95% of the Booster supply was seeded in the BTR/WPLS and BTR/PRS liquidity pools. These liquidity pool tokens were burned forever.

Burn Address


No Expectations

5% of the total supply sits in the "No Expectations" address. This wallet collects reflections as intended. Have no expectations of this wallet.

Add Token to MetaMask

Add PulseChain Network to MetaMask

To connect to PulseChain open MetaMask and click the Networks dropdown. Click “Add network” then select “Custom Networks/Add a network manually”. Now enter the following information:

  • Network Name: PulseChain
  • New RPC URL: https://rpc.pulsechain.com
  • Chain ID: 369
  • Currency Symbol: PLS
  • Block Explorer: https://scan.pulsechain.com


• Boost & Burn liquidity for $PRS and $BTR.

• Promote an increase in volume with additional trading pairs. 

• Provide opportunity for holders to earn $PLSX.

• Reward BTR/WPLS liquidity providers. 

Frequently Asked

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How to buy?

If you do not already have PLS on PulseChain, review these instructions

If you have PLS on PulseChain, follow these steps: First, visit and connect your wallet on app.pulsex.com. Next, add the BTR contract address to the receiving token. After that, adjust the slippage to 5% or higher. Enter the amount of PLS to swap for BTR. Finally, click 'swap' and confirm.

Do I need to claim my reflection rewards?

No, the rewards are automatically distributed to all holders' wallets. Please be patient as the rewards can take time to build up and distribute.

What factors influence the amount of reflections I receive?

The number of tokens you receive depends on the volume of transactions and your percentage share of the total circulating supply.